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  • Wholemeal garlic pizza crust

    $10 Parmesan, garlic, rosemary & evoo Add to cart

  • Margherita

    $13 Tomato, mozzarella Add to cart

  • Vip

    $16 Tomato, bocconcini, basil Add to cart

  • Lola

    $17 Olives, anchovies, capers, bocconcini Add to cart

  • Kika

    $17 Buffalo ricotta, eggplant, smoked paprika Add to cart

  • Milva

    $17 Roast capsicum, ricotta, roasted eggplant, hazelnut pesto Add to cart

  • Tito

    $18 Roast mushroom,thyme, provolone Add to cart

  • Zorn

    $18 Ricotta, silver beet, eggplant, cherry tomato, chilli Add to cart

  • Gabo

    $18 Brussel sprouts, balsamic reduction, smoked bacon Add to cart

  • Olé

    $18 Fior d'latte, gorgonzola, provolone, parmesan Add to cart

  • Big Brother

    $18 Potato*, dolce latte gorgonzola, caramelised onion Add to cart

  • Pelle

    $19 Ham, mushrooms, olive tapenade Add to cart

  • Paulo

    $19 house made pork sausage, red onion, mozzarella Add to cart

  • Leone

    $19 Lamb sausage, silverbeet, harissa Add to cart

  • TNT

    $19 Salami, roasted capsicum, bacon, chilli Add to cart

  • Love Supreme

    $22 Artichoke hearts, anchovies, buffalo mozzarella, gremolata Add to cart

  • L.S.D.

    $24 24 mth prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, olives Add to cart

  • Add kamut base

    $2 Ancient grain kamut low in gluten high in flavour Add to cart




Soft drinks

  • House carbonated water

    Free! filtered, carbonated water sealed with a wine cork. Please 1 per order! Add to cart

  • Lemmy lemonade 330 ml

    $4.50 real lemons*, cane sugar* Add to cart

  • Smoked Cola from Strangelove 275 ml

    $5 cane sugar*, real cola nut Add to cart


  • Yulli’s brew , pale ale 375ml can

    $6 the local brew Add to cart

  • Sailors grave brewing 4.5% (330ml) can

    $6 DOWN SHE GOSE salt water gose ale Add to cart

  • Yulli’s brews amanda mandarin IPA

    $8 ORGANIC HONEY KOLSCH, german style pilsner Add to cart

  • Two metre tall (375ml) bottle

    $12 CLEANSING ALE, sour farmhouse ale Add to cart

  • Two metre tall 5.5% (500ml)

    $15 AROMATIC SPELT ALE Add to cart



  • Albis, Prima Cuvée, Prosecco

    $35 Fragrant and crisp, this wine has notes of hawthorn blossom and spring wild flowers.This prosecco displays rich multi personality. Add to cart

  • Roberto Garbarino ’15 “Hiku” Moscato D’Asti, Piemonte

    $40 Made with the passion of young wine maker Roberto Garbarino. There are just 7000 bottles produced of this elegant, aromatic and fresh wine. Floral, (hawthorn,jasmine), citrussy. Sweet but well balanced and persistent. Ideal as an aperitif or with desserts at the end of a meal. Add to cart


  • *14 Donna Patrizia, Buccia Nera, Toscana

    $27 A blend of 40% Trebbiano 40% Malvasia 20% Grechetto, This organic wine from Tuscany, (Arezzo) is straw yellow with a golden consistency. Perfumes are complex and delicate. Floral, broom and camomille,aromatic notes of peach and golden apples. The palate is fresh fruity , dry, warm with good persistence. Add to cart

  • 2012 Balestri Valda Soave Classico, Verona

    $40 Father & daughter working together to craft this soave of finesse & elegance Add to cart

  • *15 Roero Arneis, Pace, Piemonte

    $40 Add to cart

  • *15 Etna Bianco Enrico IV, Valenti

    $48 Add to cart

  • Sauvignon, Borgo degli Posseri,*15

    $49 'VITIS GRAPE ARBOR SAVAGE'/ It's fresh, semi aromatic wine with strong herbal and fruity notes. In a mouth it is soft and velvety with warm tones. Full bodied, harmonious and persistent. Add to cart


  • *15 Rosato d’Istine, Sangiovese, IGT Toscana

    $50 Angela Fronti is an amazing female winemaker from Radda in Chianti, this small vineyard only produces 3,000 bottles in total per year. This wine is super light, fruity and fresh. Add to cart


  • ’14 Buccia Nera “Guarniente ” Chianti, Toscana*

    $33 fantastic drop, organic farming, made by two sisters with lots of love! Add to cart

  • *15 Valpolicella, Novaia DOC

    $40 This is an excellent medium body organic red, good acidity, with hints of fruit and spice on the palate. Add to cart

  • *12 Fattoria Poggio Foco, Cecco, Cabernet Sauvignon

    $45 This wine is certified organic, its full bodied and elegant with notes of red fruits and hints of white pepper. Add to cart

  • ’15 Borgo dei Posseri “Paridis” Pinot Nero

    $50 Add to cart

  • ’13 Grifalco “gricos” Aglianico del Vulture

    $58 Add to cart

  • ’14 Le Casalte rosso toscana

    $60 Add to cart

  • ’13 Valenti “Norma” Etna Rosso

    $73 Add to cart