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 Happy Friday  !Fish market ,octopus, sardines, cuttlefish, marlin, tuna,Abbazia SAN Giorgio with world famous orange wine return with new vintage!   up-Open from 5 !organic, fish market sardines, octopus calamari yellowfin tunabiodynamic produce mango, apricots apples royal gala ( trees from 1925!)strawberries, blueberries, buffalo mozzarella, curd, milk, pumkin,oyster mushroom,field cured white onion,green asparagus, cauliflower potato zucchini eggplant celery eggs baby spinach rocket mix leaf  ,  broccoli purple garlic is back after few months  Hay ( NSW) red onion brown onion PLACE order on LINE , free home delivery,PICK UP is fastest option,


  • ARANCINI. ( 2 ) baby spinach, leek & mozzarella

    $8 organic egg yolks, Iggy’s breadcrumbs Add to cart

  • Croquettes , tuna, chilli, dutch cream potato (2)

    $10 Add to cart

  • GARLIC PIZZA purple garlic Hay ( NSW), Parmesan , cherry bocconcini

    $15 Add to cart

  • OLIVES black kalamata , green ( S.A)rosemary thyme purple garlic

    $5 Add to cart


  • Black Russian,golden yellow tomatoes, red onion feta,, Mt Zero olive oil

    $15 Add to cart

  • Green beans, tomatoes, buffalo curd, chilli

    $14 Add to cart

  • Green Cabbage parmesan

    $10 Add to cart

  • Grilled OCTOPUS, ,Mt Zero olives, helroom tomatoes, chili, red onion

    $23 Add to cart

  • Grilled zucchini,spring onion snow peas,mint, parsley cherry bocconcini

    $14 Add to cart

  • Phenomenal Roman beans, anchovie butter,Iggy s pangrattato

    $12 Add to cart

  • Purple asparagus , buffalo mozzarella ,

    $14 Add to cart

  • Wood fired cauliflower, raisins, hazelnut,honey dressing

    $12 Add to cart

PASTA , GNOCCHI semolina, eggs both organic farming,gluten free available

  • LASAGNE Eggplant,tomato

    $16 Add to cart

  • Pork ragu, fennel, chilli , white wine, RADIATORI

    $18 Add to cart

  • GREEN FETTUCINE baby zucchini, zuchini flowers

    $19 Add to cart


    $22 Add to cart

  • Unreal Black crow organics potato gnocchi Hierloom tomato, stracciatella

    $22 Add to cart




    Cheese, tomato, garlic

    Add to cart

  • VIP tomato, bocconcini , basil,

    $18 Add to cart

  • PINA roasted eggplant, parmesan,chilli, tomato

    $19 Add to cart

  • YA BASTA double smoked ham , pumpkin, green chilli, bocconcini

    $19 Add to cart

  • TITO dutch cream potatoes, Gorgonzola , caramelised onion

    $19 Add to cart

  • PAOLO pork sausage red onion , bocconcini, chilli

    $19 Add to cart

  • YES wE CAN salami, olives , red onion , bullet chilli, tomato , bocconcini

    $21 Add to cart

  • PACE globe artichoke ( of course organic farming)bocconcini ,chilli,olives, tomato

    $21 Add to cart

  • CARA zuchini, ricotta, basil pesto

    $21 Add to cart

  • PALMA vegan pumpkin, olive tapenade, leek, caramelised onion, macadamia feta

    $21 Add to cart

  • No 5 Quatro Stelle n duja sousage( hot) tomatoes, roasted red onion, boconcini

    $21 Add to cart

  • ADULTS ONLY speck , Ottone pineapple (organic farming) ricotta, local honey ,chilli

    $21 Add to cart

  • CIRO yellowfin tuna, red onion, olives, chilli, tomato

    $22 Add to cart

  • AVA house filleted Sicilian anchovies zuchini, , olives ,tomato

    $26 Add to cart

  • W E A R E F A M I L Y

    • arancini(2),croquette (2), grilled zuchini,snow peas salat ,margherita pizza, your choice pizza ,our choice  gelato
    Add to cart


  • STRAWBERRY sorbet Lakeside Farm , Barjarg , Vic( organic farming)

    $15 Add to cart

  • Single origin chocolate sorbet Peru 54 %

    $16 Add to cart

  • Salted Pistachio gelato

    $16 Add to cart

  • WILDFLOWER organic table beer, 440 ml 2,9%

    $8 Add to cart

New biodynamic,skin contact, orange,amphora we cover you all,hoping you will have as much pleasure drinking ,as we have sourcing and importing

LOVE SUPREME WINE IMPORT since 2013, shipping in refrigerated containers, small,slow,and low intervention

Prosecco White Orange Skin Contact Amber

  • Prosecco Glera grapes 22’ Prima Cuveè, Veneto

    $29 Add to cart

  • 21’ Muller Thurgau, Borgo dei Posseri , Trento

    $38 cross of Riesling and Madeleine Royale, aged in steel  vats for seven months,certified organic, exclusively imported by Love Supreme Wine Imports Add to cart

  • 22’Savignon , Furiel,Borgo dei Posseri , Trento

    $46 new arrivals! Add to cart

  • Grillo 21’ Salvatore Tamburello, Sicilia

    $47 Stranger than paradise ! White grape, unfiltered, organic , FRST TIME in OZ land! Add to cart

  • Prosecco , Glera 21 ‘ Bellenda , Radicale, brut , no added so2

    $48 natural  Prosecco, no Sulfure added , Add to cart

  • 22’ Malvasia , LUPINC, Carso, border with Slovenia

    $69 Add to cart

  • NEW WINE producer LUPINC,from Fruili -Venezia Giulia

    $69 , white grape 22’  ViTOVSKA, from Carso, Trieste,Friuli -Venezia Gulia.Grape is  crosing of Glera  and Malvasia, medium body., nine months in oak barrel pears, herbs, honey, frost time In OZ land! Add to cart

  • ORANGE trebiano,Malvasia 21 PA RO , Buccia Nera, Arezzo

    $69 Add to cart

  • ORANGE wine from Mount Etna 20’ Carricante ,Valenti

    $89 90 days on the skin, no added sulphur, very special Add to cart

  • Orange, Vitovska 19’ Amber, Lupinc, Prepoto, Trieste

    $97 Add to cart

  • Orange , Zabibbo 22’ Abazia San Giorgio, Pantelleria

    $130 67 km from Tunisia 87 from Sicily , Winemaker Bati, making phenomenal orange zabibbo grape  wine, ubfiltered, no sulfites,on the skins for 15 days, what he says more then organic honey almonds, kiss by the sun. Six months in stainless steel. 6 months in chestnut barrels Add to cart

  • Skin Contact Pinot grigio 21’ GRA WU Alto Adige, big bottle for weekend

    $140 5 days on the skin, one year in the oakGerman- Italian wife and husband, phenomenal wines is back! low interventions, Add to cart

  • 6 bottles BORGO dei POSSERI, Trento offer

    $279 2 sparkling 19’ Tananai , DOC ,Chardonnay / Pinot Noir, gold winer in Decanter (UK) competition 2 white  22’ Quaron, Muller Thurgau,( cross Riesling, one more grape) 2 glasses out of 3; Gambero Rosso (IT) 2 red 21’ Paradis , Pinot Nero, Love Supreme staple ! Add to cart


  • Narello mascalesse 21’ Valenti, Etna

    $65 Add to cart


  • Valpolicella 20 ‘NOVAIA, Veneto

    $39 light, organic,great with food, only in Love Supreme1 Add to cart

  • Montepulciano/Sangiovese 20’ Tenuta Santori, Marche

    $54 Rosso Piceno Superiore ,manual harvest,, softt tannin , black cherry , pride !Ageing 80% steel, 20 % barriique 4/6 months Add to cart

  • SYRAH/Merlot 20’ Fabrizio Dionisio ,Cortona ,Toscana

    $56 For years we believed in this guys! Finaly they gotten 3 glasses ( highest award) by Gambero Rosso for they Cuculaia what you can try bay the glass in the restaurant Add to cart

  • 19’ Nero di Avola ,Salvatore Tamburello, Sicilia

    $59 new producer, from west part of Sicily! First time in OZ land, certified organic, unfiltered, new rising star aviable only HERE! Add to cart

  • Nebbiolo 20’ Pugnane, Piemonte

    $76 Add to cart

  • amphora Malvasia Nera 19 ‘ VALLONE DI CECIONE Panzano, Chianti

    $86 800 bottles only, 6 months in amphora, light,ruby red colour,elegant and punchy in the same time Add to cart

  • Nebbiolo 19’ Ronchi, Barbaresco, Piemonte

    $130 , from the heart of Barbaresco, made in amphora, all together no more than 1000 bottles!!King of the grapes ! Add to cart

  • 6 MOUNT ETNA wines , Valenti , Mount Etna, Sicily

    $326 white 21’ Enrico , orange 20’ Ciuri di Lava, red 20’ Norma , ( 2 of each) Add to cart

  • 6 wines from new Barolo producer PUGNANE!

    $359 2 Chardonnay 2022, 2 Baebera d Alba 2018, 2 Nebbiolo 2020.Pick up or our delivery from Thursday! Add to cart

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