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5pm Tuesday - Sunday.


  • Iggy’s bruschetta wood roasted capscicum, parmesan

    $5 Add to cart

  • Arancini tomato ,mozzarella ,(2)

    $6 Add to cart

  • Garlic pizza crust, mozzarella,rosemary

    $10 Add to cart

  • Cauliflower fritters, romesco sauce

    $10 Add to cart

  • Romano beans,anchovy butter,pangratatto

    $10 Add to cart


  • Mixed leaf salad, mint, parsley, eschallot dressing

    $7 Add to cart

  • Rocket , parmesan

    $8 Add to cart

  • Green cabbage, parmesan

    $9 Add to cart

  • Cos lettuce, aioli, parmesan,pangratatto,

    $9 Add to cart

  • Roast organic beetroot,leek,ricotta, baby spinach,walnuts

    $10 Add to cart

  • Wood fired Brussels sprouts , free range egg,parmesan

    $12 Add to cart

  • Radicchio, wood roasted hazelnut from Orange (N.S.W), stracciatella cheese

    $14 Add to cart

  • Wood fired calamari, baby spinach salad

    $18 Add to cart


  • Pork suasage, tomato , chili , taglatelle

    $15 Add to cart

  • Pappardelle lamb, tomato, parmesan

    $16 Add to cart

  • Gnocchi organic potato,swiss brown mushroom, lemon,

    $18 Add to cart

  • Fettucine calamari,cavolo nero , chilli,

    $18 Add to cart


  • Garlic pizza crust, mozzarella,rosemary

    $10 Add to cart

  • Margherita

    $13 Tomato, mozzarella Add to cart

  • Vip

    $16 Tomato, bocconcini, basil Add to cart

  • Ciro

    $16 black olives, parmesan, tomato , red onion Add to cart

  • Palma

    $16 wood roasted pumkin,leek,olive tapenade,NO CHEESE Add to cart

  • Milva

    $17 Roast capsicum, ricotta, roasted eggplant, tomato Add to cart

  • Ya Basta!

    $17 ham ,pumpkin, chilli Add to cart

  • Pelle

    $19 Ham, mushrooms, olive tapenade Add to cart

  • Sven- potato ,baby spinach, stracciatella ,chilli

    $19 Add to cart

  • TNT

    $19 Salami, roasted capsicum, bacon, chilli Add to cart

  • Paulo

    $19 house made pork sausage, red onion, mozzarella Add to cart

  • Sam

    $19 flat , button, mushrooms,organic baby spinach Add to cart

Family specials

  • Family dinner sorted

    $50 garlic pizza, margherita pizza, pizza of your choice, rocket and parmesan Tiramisu Add to cart

  • Party Pack – 10 pizzas your choice!

    $160 2 each of your nominated 5 pizzas delivered for $15 each. Just nominate your choices in the comments section Add to cart



Soft drinks




  • Albis, Prima Cuvée, Prosecco

    $23 Fragrant and crisp, this is our  house prosecco Add to cart

  • Fratelli Cosmo “17 Metodo rurale, Colli Treviani, 1 litre,sparkling

    $48 wine from another time,no sulfure aded, 3980 litres only done.Glera grape,unfiltered, Add to cart

  • Bellenda “San Fermo”, prosecco superiore’17

    $55 San Fermo is the name of the country church adjacent to the vineyard where these grapes are grown. This Prosecco expresses the renowned qualities classic to the glacier-derived morainic hills where these grapes are grown. In the glass, it appears luminous and sparkling, with a dense, continuous bead of pin-point bubbles. The bouquet is delicate and fragrant, the palate savoury with a fine vein of minerality, and the finish concludes with a tasty tang of crisp walnut . Add to cart


  • 17″ Buccia Nera “Donna Patrizia” Arezzo, Toscana

    $28 Add to cart

  • 17″ San Giacomo ,Pecorino,Rocca San Giovanni

    $28 Add to cart

  • ’17 Balestri Valda ,Soave Classico

    $36 Specific for distinctive minerality. Brilliant straw yellow colourmgreat with egg pastas Add to cart

  • Borgo dei Posseri “17 Dolomites,sauvignon grape

    $43 Add to cart

  • La Vecchia Posta”17 Piemonte , cortese grape

    $47 crisp and light,great with seafood,organic,this wine made by Roberto Semino is our curent favorite! Add to cart

  • 16″ Pomodolce “Petit Derthona” Piemonte

    $57 certified organic,14 000 botles only,grape is timorasso, only in Love Supreme Add to cart


  • ’16 Redondel “Assolto”l, Dolomiti

    $57 rose from teroldego grape, 3000 bottles made ,real gem!!!!! Add to cart

  • 2007 ! Bellenda, Talento Brut , Rose ,Metodo Clasico

    $69 100% pinot noire grape,60 month ageing in the bottle, harvest by hand,dry wild berry,almond,vintage sparkling prosecco of your dream! Add to cart


  • 16″Buccia Nera “Guarniente” Chianti

    $29 , from Arezzo, our house wine is of course organic, and ready for you. Add to cart

  • ’17 Valpolicella Classico, Novaia, Veneto

    $38 Bright attractive and warm ruby colour. Ample and remarkably complex well defined scent of bitter almonds, against a background of wild berries. Dry on the palate, with fine and harmonious balance. highly persistent and delectably clean Add to cart

  • 16′ Fabrizio Dionisio, Castagnino, syrah grape

    $45 Add to cart

  • 17′ Osvaldo Barberis,Valdiba, Dogliani, Piemonte

    $48 5 hehtares only,certified organic dolcetto, is our best selling wine! Add to cart

  • ’16 Borgo dei Posseri, Pinot Nero, Dolomiti

    $49 certified organic pinot nero from rising star Martin Mainenti, only in Love Supreme!   Add to cart

  • 16″Le Piane , Maggiorina” Boca,Piemonte

    $62 small DOC zone Boca,Nebbiolo,Croatinagrapes,old school wine,before evrything become serious.   Add to cart