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  • *15 Rosato d’Istine, Sangiovese, IGT Toscana

    $50 Angela Fronti is an amazing female winemaker from Radda in Chianti, this small vineyard only produces 3,000 bottles in total per year. This wine is super light, fruity and fresh.

  • *15 Valpolicella, Novaia DOC

    $40 This is an excellent medium body organic red, good acidity, with hints of fruit and spice on the palate.

  • 15′ Sauvignon, Pascolo, Friuli

    $49 Great complexity and elegance, with intense flavour of tropical fruits, fig leaf, melon and pineapple. In the mouth soft and velvety with harmonious persistent finish.

  • 16″ Pomodolce “Petit Derthona” Piemonte

    $57 certified organic,14 000 botles only,grape is timorasso, only in Love Supreme

  • 16″Buccia Nera “Guarniente” Chianti

    $29 , from Arezzo, our house wine is of course organic, and ready for you.

  • 16″Le Piane , Maggiorina” Boca,Piemonte

    $62 small DOC zone Boca,Nebbiolo,Croatinagrapes,old school wine,before evrything become serious.  

  • 16′ Fabrizio Dionisio, Castagnino, syrah grape


  • 17″ Buccia Nera “Donna Patrizia” Arezzo, Toscana


  • 17″ San Giacomo ,Pecorino,Rocca San Giovanni


  • 17′ La Vecchia Posta ,Piemonte,

    $44 barbera and nebibolo grapes, blackberry and cherry,very long finish,