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Our pizzas are made with wholegrain milling organic flour and PAC organic tomato

  • Zorn

    $18 Ricotta, silver beet, eggplant, cherry tomato, chilli

  • Ya Basta!

    $19 Wood roasted pumpkin*, green chilli, double smoked ham

  • Wholemeal garlic pizza crust

    $10 Parmesan, garlic, rosemary & evoo

  • Vip

    $16 Tomato, bocconcini, basil

  • TNT

    $19 Salami, roasted capsicum, bacon, chilli

  • Tito

    $18 Roast mushroom,thyme, provolone

  • Pelle

    $19 Ham, mushrooms, olive tapenade

  • Paulo

    $19 house made pork sausage, red onion, mozzarella

  • OlĂ©

    $18 Fior d'latte, gorgonzola, provolone, parmesan

  • Milva

    $17 Roast capsicum, ricotta, roasted eggplant, pesto

  • Margherita

    $13 Tomato, mozzarella

  • Lola

    $17 Olives, anchovies, capers, bocconcini


  • Ricotta & cinnamon Bombolini (5)

    $10 little Italian doughnuts dusted with sugar and cinnamon



Prosecco & White

  • ’16 soave Classico, Balestri Valdi, Veneto

    $39 Specific for distinctive minerality. Brilliant straw yellow colourwith greenish hints.Delicate fragranceofalmond blossom and marzipan.Good depthof fruit on the palate, nicely balanced acidity. Excellent partner for egg pastas

Orange & Rose


  • ’16 Valpolicella Classico, Novaia, Veneto

    $43 Bright attractive and warm ruby colour. Ample and remarkably complex well defined scent of bitter almonds, against a background of wild berries. Dry on the palate, with fine and harmonious balance. highly persistent and delectably clean

  • ’16 Buccia Nera “Guarniente ” Chianti, Toscana*

    $33 Purple-Edged luminous ruby color, with rich initial floral notes., on along with aromas of fresh red barries. This organic Chianti have youthful tannins but well integrated into the structure.

  • ’15 Fabrizio Dionisio “Castagnino” syrah

    $61 This Syrah is a symbol product of Dionisio winery. Powerful, well balanced, smooth wine. At same time, deep and fascinating aromas of red and black berries, chocolate,coffee and white paper.

Beer & Cider

  • Yulli’s brews SEABASS Mediterranean lager

    $8 375ml can 4.1%

  • Yulli’s brews NORMAN Australian ale

    $8 375ml can 4.1%

  • Sailor’s Grave Sou’ East Draught

    $8 355ml can 4.8%

  • Killer sprocket IPA

    $8 375ml can 4.1%

  • Killer sprocket AMBER ALE

    $8 375ml can 4.1%

  • Akasha brewing freshwater lager 4.2% (330ml) can

    $6 Sou'east draught

  • AKASHA Fire within amber ale 5.8%

    $8 Yulli's original pale ale