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Our pizzas are made with wholegrain milling organic flour and PAC organic tomato

  • Zorn

    $18 Ricotta, silver beet, eggplant, cherry tomato, chilli Add to cart

  • Wholemeal garlic pizza crust

    $10 Parmesan, garlic, rosemary & evoo Add to cart

  • Vip

    $16 Tomato, bocconcini, basil Add to cart

  • TNT

    $19 Salami, roasted capsicum, bacon, chilli Add to cart

  • Tito

    $18 Roast mushroom,thyme, provolone Add to cart

  • Pelle

    $19 Ham, mushrooms, olive tapenade Add to cart

  • Paulo

    $19 house made pork sausage, red onion, mozzarella Add to cart

  • OlĂ©

    $18 Fior d'latte, gorgonzola, provolone, parmesan Add to cart

  • Milva

    $17 Roast capsicum, ricotta, roasted eggplant, hazelnut pesto Add to cart

  • Margherita

    $13 Tomato, mozzarella Add to cart

  • Love Supreme

    $22 Artichoke hearts, anchovies, buffalo mozzarella, gremolata Add to cart

  • Lola

    $17 Olives, anchovies, capers, bocconcini Add to cart




Prosecco & White

  • 2012 Vosca Francesco, pinot grigio ,Friuli *

    $65 2600 botles only,in the heart of Collio,manual harvesting, alcohol contet 13.4 %,this is a cracker wine,few boxes only! Add to cart

  • 2012 Francesco Vosca, pinot grigio, Friulli Isonzo*

    $65 2600 botles only been made , this is a cracker wine, from Francesco and his family. 13.4 % alcohol. , body nearly like red one. Add to cart

  • *15 Roero Arneis, Pace, Piemonte

    $40 Add to cart

  • *14 Donna Patrizia, Buccia Nera, Toscana

    $27 A blend of 40% Trebbiano 40% Malvasia 20% Grechetto, This organic wine from Tuscany, (Arezzo) is straw yellow with a golden consistency. Perfumes are complex and delicate. Floral, broom and camomille,aromatic notes of peach and golden apples. The palate is fresh fruity , dry, warm with good persistence. Add to cart

  • ’12 Colterenzio , pinot grigio,Alto Adige

    $45 Add to cart

Orange & Rose


  • *15 Valpolicella, Novaia DOC

    $40 This is an excellent medium body organic red, good acidity, with hints of fruit and spice on the palate. Add to cart

  • *12 Fattoria Poggio Foco, Cecco, Cabernet Sauvignon

    $45 This wine is certified organic, its full bodied and elegant with notes of red fruits and hints of white pepper. Add to cart

  • ’15 Borgo dei Posseri “Paridis” Pinot Nero

    $50 Add to cart

  • ’14 Le Casalte rosso toscana

    $60 Add to cart

  • ’14 Buccia Nera “Guarniente ” Chianti, Toscana*

    $33 fantastic drop, organic farming, made by two sisters with lots of love! Add to cart

  • ’13 Valenti “Norma” Etna Rosso

    $73 Add to cart

  • ’13 Grifalco “gricos” Aglianico del Vulture

    $58 Add to cart

Beer & Cider

  • Yulli’s brews amanda mandarin IPA

    $8 ORGANIC HONEY KOLSCH, german style pilsner Add to cart

  • Yulli’s brew , pale ale 375ml can

    $6 the local brew Add to cart

  • Two metre tall 5.5% (500ml)

    $15 AROMATIC SPELT ALE Add to cart

  • Two metre tall (375ml) bottle

    $12 CLEANSING ALE, sour farmhouse ale Add to cart

  • Sailors grave brewing 4.5% (330ml) can

    $6 DOWN SHE GOSE salt water gose ale Add to cart